Detailed Product Description

Easy Installation.

The Dock Shock cable-tensioning device is a quick connect device for suppressing shock to a residential floating dock due to waves (i.e. primarily from boat traffic.)   The device consists of a compression spring and two quick cable connection clamps, which can be connected directly to the existing cables, without disconnecting the dock from its anchors or winches. 


What the Dock Shock does.

The shock (forces) to a dock due to waves is the change to the movement of the dock. The movement of a dock (a change in velocity, in or out, no matter how small, due to waves is stopped by the cables holding the dock in a position) this force to change the momentum (the change of the speed of a massive object over a distance) is the shocking force given to a dock, and what the dock must endure. With this device, the momentum is absorbed in a spring to change these forces, momentum slower over a longer distance.  (i.e. For example, when your head hits concrete compared to when your head hits sand, just a little distance to change velocities makes a big difference) 


Most docks are secured to shore and outward anchors that are not movable (rocks, trees, concrete blocks that are placed under water) this is done using cables connecting the dock to these anchors. These cables are normally connected to winches on the dock in order to move the dock in or out via winches. These cables secure the dock and keep the dock from moving either in or out once set by the winches. This device can be connected to the cables (between the winches and the anchors) without disconnecting the cables from their anchors, or winches. This is done by the quick connect system which requires only creating a small amount of slack in the line. The device is now in direct connection to the dock and the anchor, allowing it to suppress the forces through the spring. 

This device can be used on in bound, or out bound cables (inbound cables to shore, or outbound cables to under water anchors) 

About the Double-Fail-Safe design. 

The Dock Shock creates a redundant system to prevent the failure of the cable mooring connection (i.e. the dock being broken loose from its anchors) 

1)  This device uses a stainless-steel compression spring in a draw bar setup. Once the spring reaches its maximum compression, it can sustain much greater force before failure 

2)  The slack in the cable will still act as a functioning cable completely connected in the case of device complete failure, as if the device were not there.  The clamping mechanism is designed to connect this device to the existing cables without disconnecting the existing cables from the dock or their anchors. 


Proudly designed and built in the USA to be a lifetime product.  

This device is constructed of all stainless-steel components and is a freshwater marine rated device. This device can be rated for marine saltwater use via material changes.  

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