Installation Instructions

  1. Secure the dock so you can create about 1-2 feet of slack (without tension) in the cable that you want to install the DockShock on. 

  1. Mark the cable, near the anchor point, where you want to install the DockShock and again at 61 1/2 inches toward the dock. 

  1. Ensure the DockShock and cable have a clear line of sight to the dock and do not contact obstructions that will cause wear or damage.

  1. Starting at the cable mark closest to the anchor, place the cable in the Clamp V-groove at the first cable mark you put on the cable and tighten the 3 bolts (9/16 inch wrenches) to 15-20 foot-pounds of torque. 

  1. Place the opposite end clamp at the mark 61 1/2 inches from the first mark. There should be approximately 8 inches of slack cable over the length of the DockShock. Again, tighten the second set of three 3/8 inch bolts to 15-20 foot pounds of torque. 

  2. The DockShock is ready to use.  Repeat steps 1-5 above as you install DockShocks to other dock cables.

  1. After installation of your DockShock(s), adjust your dock according to your normal procedures. 

How many DockShocks do I need?

Use this simple diagram to determine how many DockShocks you need to protect you dock.  Simply stated, you should have one DockShock for every inbound mooring cable.  Always follow the installation instructions.  

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