About Us

We grew up loving boating and water sports,  Starting in 1952, my dad was pulled by his uncle on a home-made surf board behind his 10 hp fishing boat. My dad bought his first boat at 16 years old so needless to say, I grew up in a family that had a trailerable motor boat.  Summers and vacations were enjoyed on fresh water lakes and rivers trying everything that could be towed by a boat including our bare feet.

Today, we enjoy Norris Lake where my dad has had a lakefront home and dock since 2003.

We started a small business of adjusting floating docks on the lake over 10 years ago.

Even before wake surfing boats, we felt a need to protect docks and inbound cables from the movement and shock caused by boat waves. We have replaced many broken cables, broken winches, and winch stands as a result of the shock to the dock from movement caused by boat waves, not to speak of the damage to boat lifts and moorings of boats in slips.

We experimented with various springs and other devices to reduce the stress on the dock, cables and anchors. 

My dad and I are both graduate mechanical engineers, so I worked with an American spring company to design a stainless steel spring that absorbs shock energy. We then worked on how to make it double failsafe, to not cut nor harm the inbound cable, be easy to install and move, and to last for many years, hopefully a lifetime. After several prototypes, I believe we have a great American-made stainless steel product to help protect docks from the shock coming from ever increasing waves from wake surfing and large boats.

We believe this product is a must for lake-front owners of floating docks to help protect your investment(s) from premature failure and damage from wave energy moving your dock.

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