Frequently Asked Questions

Will these prevent cable breaks on my dock?

These units decrease the pressure and stress put on your inbound cables. Thus, decreasing the pressures and stress put on all components of your dock, winches, and anchor points. (outbound blocks, clamps, clevis’s, anchor points, etc.). We are lowering the stress of these components, prolonging the life of all connection points of your dock.

Can I install these on my out bound cables?

We do not recommend installing these on outbound cables, because it is difficult to ensure that these shocks are free of any obstacles or structures that may interfere with the spring. Please, contact us directly for a more information about installation.


Are these springs marine grade?

Yes, all components are 302 grade, or higher, stainless steel. This is a fresh water marine grade stainless steel product.


Can I install these myself?

The installation of these units is straightforward, but the first step and most important step in this process of the installation is safely securing your dock with slack in the line. This is the most important step in safely installing this product on your dock. If your dock moves during the installation process, unwanted tension may be created in these cables.  This can be very dangerous, and cause injury. This is why we recommend that this product is installed by a professional in dock maintenance.


Will these DockShocks need maintenance?

No, these units will need no maintenance, they really just need to be free of obstructions. Make sure they are not touching or rubbing on anything.

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